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    Use this form to report problems or request enhancements related to EsgynDB Enterprise and EsgynDB Enterprise Advanced. Please fill in the form to the best of your ability. If you can't obtain the requested information for any reason, then please just put "Unknown" in the particular form field.

  • Problem Information

  • The system ID that Esgyn has assigned for this system.
  • How long has this problem existed?
  • What lead to the problem? Was it a change in EsgynDB/Hadoop/Ecosystem (that is, a regression) or was a new feature added? Were any nodes added, removed, or down? Was the configuration changed in any manner?
  • Can the problem be reproduced? Randomly, frequently, every time, never? If reproducible, then how?
  • If you can connect to the system, then please past the output from trafcheck here. Log in as a user with EsgynDB administrative access and type trafcheck -v at the command prompt.
  • Please provide additional information that can help us resolve the problem that you have encountered. For example, what corrective actions have you already tried, are there any messages in the logs that we should be aware of, are there any indicators that point to an EsgynDB problem rather than a Hadoop, OS, and/or hardware problem, and other information that you think is relevant to resolving the problem that you've encountered?